Getting Angry

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader is paid up on his blog hosting company through late March/April of 2007. But he is getting a bit angry now. Because of some “technical issues” with Movable Type (supposedly) your Maximum Leader’s hosting company has deactivated a number of modules to his blog. Among these modules are those relating to comments (no surprise there) and his archives.

Okay… Your Maximum Leader will fully admit that he’s not getting teary-eyed for not having comments. Although he loves hearing from any of you readers who might be around and lurking, he is equally happy just posting and imagining your praise… (Afterall, isn’t a blogger’s own perception of their writing at least as important - if not perhaps a little more important - as anyone else’s?)

But now that his archives are inaccessible your Maximum Leader is getting pretty much pissed off. Dead Sexy Sadie and her partner in crime the handsome Phin have suggested that your Maximum Leader move his site. He is moving in that direction. The question is how soon?

Not only are comments defunct and archives inaccessible… But your Maximum Leader tried to post some stuff that has apparently disappeared…

He’s going to look into all this and get more angry… Stay clear…

Carry on.

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