Geography of the Bobgrrl

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader, once again, is making a retraction/restatement. Yesterday he erroneously mentioned that our loyal reader and friend, bobgrrl (of 1 Girl 4 Martinis) was a denizen of SoCal - or Southern California.

Well, in fact she is not a SoCal resident but a CentCal resident. In fact it says as much on her blog. Well, actually it says that she is in “San Jose” - not “Central California.” Your Maximum Leader is not geographically illiterate. Indeed, he is pretty geographically literate. You just wouldn’t know that from his recent post. In point of fact, your Maximum Leader has been to San Jose a number of times. A good friend of his works there in San Jose (and lives in Belmont Woods - just about half-way between San Jose and San Francisco) so he knows a little of the area. (NB to his Central California/Bay Area friends: Hey Mike and Donna!)

So what does this geographic blunder really mean? Well, it means that your Maximum Leader suffers from a remarkable lack of editing on his blog. He doesn’t edit spelling, grammar, geography, or pretty much anything. At least most of the time. But then again, you all knew that already…

So, let it be noted for the record, the bobgrrl is in Central California. Not Southern California.

Carry on.

Phoenix said:


Do you know the way to San Jose? I’m goin’ back to find my piece of mind in San Jose.

bobgirrl said:

Ack! No, no, no! I am indeed in San Jose which is very much in Northern Cal. However, when I made the comment about the PCP capital of the world, I meant that I had grown up there not that I live there now. (The PCP cap is btw in Selma which is in Central Cal.)

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