General Update

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has really been busy over the past few days. He’d apologize for not posting, but he’s in no mood for it. You see, your Maximum Leader aches all over.

Now, your Maximum Leader in’t always much to complain (at least in this forum) about his physical aches and pains. But let him give you a little background…

Why is it that mothers are pampered and treated like bleedin royalty on Mothers Day? Well… If you have children you know the answer to this… It is because mothers suffer unspeakable torture at the hands of their spouse and offspring daily. Having to do laundry. Cook. Work. Teach. Toil.

But, without mothers where would civilization be? Nowhere, that’s where. Our mothers are ultimately responsible for civilization’s persistence.

Fathers on the other hand are responsble for civilization’s whimsy and fun. Fart jokes. Baseball. Laughing at the kids on the short bus. Grilled food. Beer. Pulling fingers. All these great things that make civilization more fun are the domain of men.

Now… Mothers get tired of fathers getting all the credit for fun… So on fathers day they conspire to make sure fathers don’t have any fun…

To wit: Your Maximum Leader and his esteemed father-in-law toiled like common labourers all weekend. Saturday and Sunday. We sweated. We toiled. We sunk concrete foundations. We used a pick-axe to break up the hardened soil around the Villainschloss. We drilled and hammered anchor spikes to a depth of 3 ft. We leveled. We laboured.

And for what? We laboured so that the Villainettes and the Wee Villain would have a little castle playset. With swings. And a slide.

Your Maximum Leader should have hired some Mexicans…

Or he should have liberated some dwarves

Anyhow… He is achy…

Carry on.


Ach du Lieber!

You were digging and didn’t call in the most puissant of all villainous shovelers?

I shovel.

I shovel well.

Plus, I’m cheaper than illegal workers. I would have taken payment in beer, fellowship and perhaps a late night game of Rome: Total War.

It was more than shoveling. It was the pick-axe that was the bitch. The Villainschloss sits atop a hill formed of large rocks, surrounded by smaller rocks, in a suspension of hard clay. It took 30 minutes for two men with picks and shovels to dig a hole two feet deep and two feet square.

I should have called you. I forget your prowess with the shovel… And I have both beer and Total War…

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