Gaza Pullout

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader notes that the forced closure of Jewish settlements in Gaza and the West Bank has been complete for nearly two weeks now. It was with a heavy heart and feelings approaching grief that he watched the footage of Israeli soldiers dragging other Israelis from their homes and synagogues. It was depressing.

A little while ago your Maximum Leader wrote that he thought that the Gaza and (limited) West Bank withdrawl was a necessary step to jump start the peace process. He also said that he felt that Israel needs to be prepared to take back that land if the peace process goes nowhere.

Your Maximum Leader feels he may have been wrong with that assessment.

In the intervening weeks since Israel’s pullout we’ve seen Hamas burn temples, homes, and riot. We’ve seen the Palestinian “Security Forces” and the Egyptian army do what they can to keep peace. It has been a carnival of violence. Indeed, just yesterday Israeli forces attacked Palestinian terrorists all through the West Bank. And all throughout Israel has been badgered to give up more.

Your Maximum Leader, sometimes an optimist, figured that a good will step would actually result in a little good will towards Israel. Not from the Palestinians mind you. They are incapable of it insofar as your Maximum Leader can tell. But he thought that it might soften up Europe and other Western Countries a little. Well… It hasn’t.

Now the next step for Israel should be the completion of the wall they are building between themselves and the Palestinian territory. Your Maximum Leader hopes it becomes the de facto border. Israel has done what it needs to do. They have taken the first step. Now they can, and should, wait until the Palestinians make the next move. Your Maximum Leader suspects that hell will freeze over and two feet of snow will cover Jerusalem before that happens. Your Maximum Leader woul be quite put out if President Bush or any subsequent administration were to start to strong-arm Israel to try and take another goodwill step.

Now the Palestinians have to step up and make tangible steps towards peace, or prepare to have the status quo continue indefinately.

Carry on.

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