Election Day

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader hopes that you all are voting today. To be perfectly honest he doesn’t exactly mean what he just wrote. Your Maximum Leader hopes that those of you who are eligible voters - and ideologically in lock-step with your Maximum Leader are voting. If you are not ideologically in-tune with your Maximum Leader, just forget about going to vote today. Stay home. Watch some daytime TV. Visit a museum. Spend all day surfing porn on the internet. Just don’t vote unless you are voting in a way of which your Maximum Leader would approve.

That being said… Your Maximum Leader hasn’t voted yet. He will in about an hour or so. He was waiting for the early morning rush to end. He likes to go slow and take lots of time voting. Sometimes he even asks questions of the “officials” at the polling place. You know, just to keep them on their toes.

Well… Your Maximum Leader and the Smallholder spoke on the phone last night. The Smallholder called your Maximum Leader a racist for deciding to exercise his franchise for George Allen. Your Maximum Leader called Smallholder an idot statist for choosing to exercise his franchise for James Webb. Both of us are voting the same way on the Constitutional measures.

Your Maximum Leader didn’t inquire as to how the Smallholder would be voting in his congressional race - as we live in different districts. (NB: your Maximum Leader learned that the person running against his incumbent Congresswoman - Jo Ann Davis, R - is actually named Shawn O’Donnell. Not McDonald or whatever. Not like it makes a difference, Mr. O’Donnell is still not getting your Maximum Leader’s vote.)

The Smallholder asked your Maximum Leader if it was a good thing to return to power a party that seems to have betrayed his (that is to say your Maximum Leader’s) support on ideological grounds? This seems to be a nagging question out there. Many people are posing a similar question to those who vote Republican.

The question goes like this. If the Republicans haven’t behaved the way you want them to, then shouldn’t you give the Democrats a chance at running things? Well… The simple answer is no. This question could be re-worded to go like this: “Since the monarchists haven’t behaved the way you wanted them to, shouldn’t you give the anarchists a chance?”

The fallacy here is that one party is just the same as the other. But at many levels they are not. Admittedly, the Republicans haven’t done enough to keep your Maximum Leader happy. But the Democrats aren’t likely to do more to keep your Maximum Leader happy…


Predictions… It seems increasingly likely that the Republicans will lose the House. Your Maximum Leader wants to trust gerrymandering and al the other built-in advantages of incumbency. But perhaps the drumbeat from the media and a general feeling of discontent might overcome those advantages. Your Maximum Leader thinks it will be close regardless of who wins the majority of seats. Your Maximum Leader could see the Dems picking up 14-21 seats. He thinks the Republicans will retain control of the Senate.

There you have it.

Carry on.

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