Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader was shocked, and not in the Claude Rains way, to learn something today. By way of explaination… Your Maximum Leader follows a certain amount of business news every day. On his home page he has some stock exchange info, some stock info, some mutal fund info, and some foreign exchange info. He often glances over the foreign exchange info just to see how “sound the pound” is - so that he can use that cliched expression in conversation that day. (And he has been able to use it now for quite a while.)

Well… For reasons that pass his understanding, he hasn’t put the Canadian Dollar on his tracking widget. So imagine his shock when he learned today that the Canadian Dollar (the Loonie!) is now worth more than the Greenback. He supposes that this means that Canadian prescription drugs aren’t that much cheaper any more. He further supposes that Canadian “gentleman’s clubs” are no longer the bargain they once were…

Thank you housing bubble, increasing demand for oil by China and India, lowered interest rates, increased inflation, and of course - George W. Bush for making your Maximum Leader now feel like he needs to hoard all those Canadian quarters and dimes he hithertofore threw in a big glass jar. That stuff is worth something now…

Carry on…

PS - In all honesty, this whole post was the result of your Maximum Leader actually learning the US/Canadian Dollar exchange rate today - and then going and reading Skippy’s Blog. He just wanted to throw out that “gentleman’s club” line…

Now you can really…

Carry on.

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