Divining Harry Potter

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader greatly enjoys reading all the various bits on many web sites about what people think will happen in the final Harry Potter book (which your Maximum Leader has pre-ordered through Amazon).

Your Maximum Leader isn’t much to speculate on things like this, but here is something…

The Dragonslayer ending!

Dumbledore wasn’t really killed by Snape, but put into a horcrux. Snape is carrying this horcrux with him and when the final battle comes he will use the horcrux in a way that releases Dumbledore who will come to the rescue and turn the battle for the good guys. But in the course of turning the battle, Dumbledore will sacrifice himself so that Harry can live…

And other predictions:
Hagrid will die.
Mr Weasley will become Minister of Magic and usher in a new golden age of wizardry.
Harry and Ginny will become lovers.
Harry will become the headmaster of Hogwarts.
Harry will break Ginny’s heart by saying that they can’t get married because he has to dedicate his life to Hogwarts.
Ginny and Cho Chang will become lovers.
Ron and Hermione will “do the nasty” and have a “shot-wand” wedding.

The End.

Carry on.

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