Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has to tell you all that he is still feeling bleh. This condition is made worse by the fact that he’s discovered that his internet connection at the Villainschloss is on the fritz. Not sure of the cause of the problem, but he will work to diagnose it. Writing now on a borrowed connection…

The good Minister of Propaganda has been (in the comment section of previous posts) been goading your Maximum Leader about Mr. Tom DeLay’s decision to not seek re-election in his Texas district. So, while he can still post here, your Maximum Leader has decided to give some of his thoughts on the matter.

Frankly, your Maximum Leader is disappointed in Tom DeLay. If readers recall your Maximum Leader advised DeLay to fight to keep his leadership role for as long as possible. Your Maximum Leader isn’t sure that DeLay fought quite long enough, but it appears as though there was a little bit of a respite in the “mindless canibalism” of political attacks in Congress once DeLay did step down. Certainly the Dems aren’t belabouring the specific ethics of individual members any more in favour of a general “Republicans are sleazy” theme.

As for DeLay deciding not to seek re-election, well that disappoints your Maximum Leader too. DeLay always struck your Maximum Leader as more of a fighter. This move certainly gives DeLay’s (now the Republican nominee’s) Democratic opponents another arrow in the quiver of “Republicans are sleazy” attacks.

Your Maximum Leader continues to believe that DeLay will eventually be exhonorated of the charges against him. But he will not return to elected politics again. He’s given up the fight.

And if he’s given up the fight, he’s no good to Republicans any more.

Carry on.


I beg to differ, o Maximum Leader.

DeLay is a fighter and would still be fighting…

But too many of his bedfellows are turning states evidence. By resigning now before the election, DeLay can convert his campaign coffers to a legal defense fund. He’s going to need it. The money laundering deal with the Texas legislature has been clearly exposed; the question isn’t whether money laundering took place, but rather what DeLay knew about it. The fact that DeLay’s explanations are inconsistent bodes ill. DeLay’s aide has also pled guilty in the Abramoff deal and DeLay has been identified as one of the officials in that scandal. With both Abramoff and the aide turning state’s evidence, DeLay knows he is in trouble.

He may be a fighter, but now he’s going to fight to stay out of jail.

hee hee hee

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