Congrats (and thanks for the bread)

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has been frustrated for the past few days. You see, he’s been trying to leave a congratulatory comment over at The Ministry of Minor Perfidy for new papa, Johno. (Awww… See the cute baby and proud father here.) Your Maximum Leader’s frustrations stem from the fact that when he tries to leave a comment, the little graphic “phrase” that you have to enter to prove you are a person and not some nasty spamming computer doesn’t load. So his comment doesn’t get published.

Of course, the flip side of the trouble commenting is that your Maximum Leader must make his congratulatory comments here. Johno, Mrs Johno, many congratulations. Your Maximum Leader doffs his bejeweled floppy cap to you both. (But mostly to Mrs Johno — who we all know did the hard stuff.) And to the Wee Johno… Your Maximum Leader wishes you the best. You’ve got two great parents who will steer you right.

Also on the Ministry’s web page…

Anadama bread. Which your Maximum Leader has never had before, but it reads very well and makes him salivate…

Carry on.

Mrs. Peperium said:

I use whole milk instead of water. Just prefer it more that way. It’s wonderful though however you do it. .I’ve even heard of people who use cranberry juice instead of water and then use it specifically for turkey or duck sandwiches.

We are aware of the glitch in our system. But, since we are planning a move to a new design using WordPress in the very near future, it didn’t seem like a good use of time to waste effort fixing something that will be discarded almost immediately.

I’ll make sure Johno sees your congratulations. And I need to try that bread, too.

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