Civics Quiz

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader just took a civics quiz he saw on MSNBC (via Phoenix). Take the quiz yourself and see how you score.

For the record, your Maximum Leader scored 95% - he missed one question. Also for the record, he missed the same question as did Phoenix. That would be question 19 - the one about the form the INS needs. He guessed close, but didn’t get the prize. (In fact, he imagines he picked the same answer as did Phoenix.)

The hardest question (for the record - since your Maximum Leader is doing lots of recording in this short post) was the one about which Amendment to the Constitution does not address or guarantee vting rights. Your Maximum Leader resisted the urge to google and sat in his chair trying to recite the words of each of the Amendments listed as possible answers. That was really tough.

Carry on.

Gordon said:

Me too! Was it the voting amendment question you blew?

Kevin Kim said:

85%! I barely qualify as a citizen.

I got the voting/amendment question right, but I guessed.


bobgirrl said:

No freaking way I’m taking that thing. I took one look at the questions and realized I’d get about a 20% most likely resulting in my deportation to Mexico.

But now I’m curious about this test. I didn’t read the accompanying article. Is it offered in foreign languages?

It is my understanding that the test is in English.

Bill said:

At the risk of losing my loyal minion status I got 100%. The INS form question was a standard test strategy thing. The 7th Amendment was clear because the Bill of Rights makes no mention of voting. When I was in grade school all of the others were grilled into us yearly.

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