Busy, Quiberon Bay & Holidays

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader is up to is eyeballs in stuff that is keeping him away from the blog. At some point here he needs to re-evaluate his self-imposed posting schedule. He continues to feel as though he should post (something) daily. But that is becoming harder and harder to do. He’ll use some time during the holidays to think about his bloging nature.

Hey! Did your Maximum Leader beat out Robbo by reminding readers that today is the anniversary of the Battle of Quiberon Bay? Did you Maximum Leader make a Royal Navy Geekery (tm - Llamabutchers) observation before Robbo? Woo hoo!

For more information about the Battle of Quiberon Bay (1759) you can clicky here to read up about it on Wiki.

Your Maximum Leader also owns the URL Quiberonbay.com. But he’s never done anything with it. Perhaps he should start a group blog dedicated to Royal Navy Geekery!

On the off chance that your Maximum Leader decides not to attempt to post again this week, he will wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and remind you that the first Thanksgiving was not in Plymouth, MA but at Berkeley’s Hundred in Virginia in 1619.

Your Maximum Leader will be travelling to see family over the holiday. He will leave on Wednesday and return on Sunday. While seeing family is nice and all, it will keep him away from his computer and the chance to play Medieval II: Total War, which he purchased last week. (Which he and the Smallholder played to the disappointment of our families.)

The indignities your Maximum Leader suffers… Socializing with family when he could be selfishly playing computer games…

Carry on.

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