Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader is giddy with anticipation to see the end of BSG tonight. He informed his lovely wife and offspring early this morning that he will be completely unavailable for any sort of serious interaction with any of them between the hours of 7pm and 11pm EDT today.

To make it up to them he did promise that he would bring home chinese take-away for dinner.

Giddy I tell you! Positively giddy!

Carry on.

Addendum from your Maximum Leader: Is it possible that readers of this space don’t know that BSG stands for “Battlestar Galactica”? One supposes it is possible.

Did you see the BSG “celebration/discussion” at the UN yesterday? WaPo link to said event here. Wow… This is probably the most interesting thing to occur at the UN in decades… Perhaps this is the biggest event at the UN since Khruschev during the session of the wing-tip whacking. Also… Whoopi Goldberg is apparently a big BSG fan. Who knew? Again in the “who knew” category: According to the WaPo piece the audience watching the first part of the BSG finale (from last week) was 1.7 million. Is it possible that only about 2 million people in the US watch this show regularly? Holy crap if that is the case. Your Maximum Leader assumed it was a much larger audience.

Robbo said:

As a BSG-TOS purist, I have steadfastly boycotted the series after watching the first one or two episodes.

I would change all that if somebody could assure me that the whole thing ends tonight with Dirk Benedict suddenly waking up in his bunk and saying, “Holy frak, what a dream! I need a drink…”

Kevin Kim said:

Not that this matters, but I think BSG purism for fans of the old BSG is just fine. What I can’t tolerate, though, is the whiny bitchiness of the old-school actors, like Benedict and Hatch (who complained about the new BSG even while he was playing Tom Zarek). I suppose their loyalty to the old show is commendable, but come on guys — as Harrison Ford said long ago, acting is just a job. You go where the work calls you. Hatch, at least, climbed grudgingly aboard the new BSG bandwagon (and I found his character very interesting), but Benedict is on record as hating the idea of a female Starbuck.

As for Whoopi… I imagine she’s already predisposed to liking sci-fi, since she had a ball playing Guinan on ST:TNG. It would have been cool to have her on BSG as a priestess along the lines of Elosha.

My prediction: CGI Lorne Greene is the Cylon god.

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