Blog devolution

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader had such high hopes for his blog so many years ago when he began it. It would be a highbrow blog. It would comment on issues of the day, religion, philosophy, history, and culture.

And now what has it become?

Well… It is still written in the third person…

Your Maximum Leader was just thinking about writing a few posts. Indeed, at any given point he likely has about three decents posts sitting in his wee little villainous brain. It is just a question of finding time… He wonders if he should just try and be a periodic essayist in this space…


Today your Maximum Leader wonders if he has enough energy to blog. This has been a rather busy week. It has been busy in that the schools are in a “teacher work day” mode and the villainous offspring are being shuttled around a bit more than normal. Excursus: Has anyone wondered about the whole concept of the “teacher work day?” Isn’t every school day a “teacher work day?” Shouldn’t a day when the teachers work but the kids have off be called a “teacher catch-up day” or a “teachers need to do their paperwork day?”

Anyhoo.. Back to your Maximum Leader… He isn’t feeling very energetic today. It could be due to his diet today. He was recounting to himself what he’s had to eat. Breakfast consisted of a Diet Coke. Between breakfast and lunch he drank a few cups of water. For lunch he had a chicken salad sandwich (on whole wheat bread), a small handful of crunchy cheetos, perhaps a half cup of applesauce and a glass of hot chai. Then he drank some water between lunch and dinner. For dinner he had a broccoli spear, a chicken sandwich (on whole wheat), and a glass of milk. Now he feels exhausted. Perhaps he should have eaten something more - or something different.

Anyhoo… Your Maximum Leader is tired.

Is this post banal enough for you?

Are you still reading?

Highbrow? This blog? Highbrow my arse.

Carry on.

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Jeez Louweeze, don’ go there. The good teachers put in 8 hours/day/5 days/week. The outstanding ones work about 50 hours/week - and weekends. Been married to a Catholic teacher/principal for 36 years - and as I’ve told her “I’d rather be in a VC ambush than in front of a class because you can at least shoot back at the dinks”.

YMMV - but do some time in their shoes first….

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