Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader sees that the President has (finally) released an original copy of the “long form” of his birth certificate.

Gawd this has gone on forever. Your Maximum Leader is willing to distribute “blame” for the whole “birther” controversy in the following shares: 55% to the Birthers themselves for being dense, suspicious and ultimately unserious; 40% to the President and his team for just now getting around to this “issue”; and 5% to Donald Trump for being a complete media manipulating bastard for talking up this point to bolster himself (which, frankly, is all Donald Trump ever does).

Your Maximum Leader (if you couldn’t tell already) is not a “birther.” Indeed, he’s been alternately mildly amused to mildly disgusted by this sideshow of an issue for years. But his mild bemusment came to a head at a dinner he attended last week. Your Maximum Leader is a member of a social club of good gentlemen in the community. We meet quarterly for dinner and drinks and have other neat social events throughout the year (culminating in a huge black-tie dinner and dance).

At dinner your Maximum Leader sat with some of his friends for dinner and eventually the conversation turned to politics. It was then that your Maximum Leader discovered that two of his friends were “birthers.” Your Maximum Leader sat by and listened for a while before he couldn’t stand to sit by and let this mindlessness continue. Your Maximum Leader stood up for the President being born in the United States. He eventually had to tell these gentlemen that they were being at the best unserious commentators on politics in general and at the worst they were being willing dupes and spreading lies that were easily disproved.

Let it suffice to say that the dinner conversation went downhill from there… In the end your Maximum Leader came off as the “liberal bleeding heart” at the table. The rationale for this label was found in the fact that in one dinner your Maximum Leader: stood up for the President being an American, maintained that the police should not be given the authority to shoot on sight drug dealers whom they suspect of also being illegal immigrants, argued that no elected official in Washington DC of any party is being serious about how to address the nation’s debt, and finally claiming that the Obama Administration’s stimulus bill was not unconstitutional.

Your Maximum Leader wonders if his standing in the club will ever be the same…


As much as your Maximum Leader thinks this latest press conference and release of the President’s birth certificate should end the whole “birther” escapade; he fears it will just give rise to more and more complicated conspiracy theories concerning the President’s place of birth…

I weep for the future.

Carry on.

Mageen said:

Well, damn! Good for you! My family is from Canada. I was born in the US of A. I spent my early childhood shuttling back and forth over the Detroit River to visit the Canadian family. Just on that basis alone I have had no use for the birther issue or birthers. Its just a veneer for their own racism.

Been through a number of birth certificates for myself over the years. Used a small green card with an official seal for years. Then I tried to apply for a passport - so I could go back and visit my Canadian relatives. Was told by the passport people here that what I had wasn’t going to feed the bulldog! Had to spend money and write to the appropriate source in Detroit. They sent me something just short of a billboard. I had it framed. Cannot carry this around with me like the little green wallet card. But I got the passport. None of these birth certificates bothered with infant footprints. That was a little gimmick the hospitals used years ago when they gave the parents a piece of paper which was actually more in the nature of the kind of greeting card folks give new parents. Yes, I know some zeros thought it was the real deal and were amazed when they showed up to enroll their kid in school to find out that it wasn’t! Well, hell, what can I tell yah.

I want to see Trumps birth certificate for his damn hair! And his report cards! He sounds just like a very jealous kid about sixth grade level. Blahhhhhh on him and his ilk!

Kevin Kim said:


The topic came up over at Malcolm’s blog and I wrote this comment, which is mostly in tune with yours:

Well, since it’s a distraction, I choose not to be distracted. I agree that “public discourse, normal political channels, and a fair election” should be where we focus our attention, desires, and actions. Let politicians lie. (cough)

What does interest me, though, is the upcoming onslaught of loony conspiracy theories that will be spun about Obama after he leaves office. I look forward to being entertained.

I thought the whole thing was a shame from the beginning. Why, after dealing with the leftist Truthers and their goofy 9/11 conspiracy theories, would a group on the right decide to trumpet its own idiocy for all to see? Maybe some folks just can’t help themselves.

As for your encounter with the local chapter of the Birthers, well, you have my respect for sticking to your guns. At the same time I wonder if it mightn’t be time to seek better company than this “social club of good gentlemen.” Heh.

Polymath said:

Wherever the President was born, or to whom, has never been a serious issue. He was elected and sworn, the end. There is no provision in the Constitution for removing a President except by impeachment (and trial and removal). The whole birther thing has always seemed so silly in this light.

I have encountered a few of these misguided individuals, and I always ask them if they ever found that Mr. Obama was not a “natural born” American citizen, would they hop in the wayback machine with Sherman and Mr. Peabody and take the evidence to November 1, 2008?

This is the mother of all non-issues, and Trump is acting stupidly.

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