Baseball Season

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader had hoped to play hookie from his responsibilities today and sneak out to catch the Nationals home opener against the Mets. But it was not to be. The Wee Villain is still home today and has some Doctors appointments. As well, Villainette #1 is home from school with some viral thingie. So your Maximum Leader is home attending to his offspring.

Perhaps he’ll get lucky and be able to catch tomorrows game. Tomorrows game should be the more interesting one as Pedro Martinez is slated to start for the Mets. In last weeks series he beamed a Vidro and Guillen and is due for some retribution as best your Maximum Leader can figure it. That would be sweet to see…


Your Maximum Leader isn’t a big Pedro fan anyho… He is a great pitcher and all… But your Maximum Leader doesn’t care much for him. That tune might change if he ever played for the Nationals. Then your Maximum Leader would tolerate him. As Jerry Seinfeld once mentioned, you’re only rooting for the shirts.

Carry on.

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