Ave Skippy.

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader apologizes (again) for the dearth of material here. He seems to be more and more caught up in life away from blogging and finds he’s not making the effort to blog he feels he both ought to make and should make for himself.


What might spur your Maximum Leader to get to the keyboard? Skippy. That is what - or who as the case may be.

Today is a special day for Skippy. It is his birthday. Your Maximum Leader is terrible in remembering birthdays. He forgets his own half the time. But last year your Maximum Leader must have written himself a reminder to make note of Skippy’s special day. If your Maximum Leader had the resources he’d throw a party (which he’d call “Sinfest”) in Skippy’s honour today. It would be fabulous. And while Charlie Sheen wouldn’t be invited, if Skippy wanted “the Goddesses” to be there they would be.

Skippy writes a great blog. Your Maximum Leader often finds himself reading something Skippy has written on politics and decided to himself that there is no point in even mentally composing a post for himself as what Skippy has written is more insightful and entertaining that he could write. Often your Maximum Leader doesn’t agree with Skippy, but on many political issues there is more agreement than disagreement. This is true of US politics mostly as your Maximum Leader gets most of his Canadian political updates from Skippy.

Your Maximum Leader had the good fortune, now going on 4 years ago, to have met Skippy in person. He was as engaging and fun in person as he is on his blog. Your Maximum Leader is saddened that he doesn’t have more cause to go to Toronto so that he could meet with Skippy from time to time.

If you haven’t recently, and if you are not prudish, you should check out Skippy’s blog.

Your Maximum Leader doffs his bejeweled mylan cap in Skippy’s general direction.

Carry on.

Kevin Kim said:

Happy, slappy BARFDAY, Skippy!

Thank you kindly, good sir! I appreciate the kind words.

Smallholder said:

Hear, hear!

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