Atonement and other things

Greetings loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader, while not Jewish, has been spending some of today thinking of things for which he should atone and ask forgiveness. Yes, every once and again, even your Maximum Leader does things he regrets. And although Yom Kippur is over (as it is after sundown), it is still on my mind. We should all take time out fro time to time for thoughtful reflection on our lives and actions. Not to regret things we have done, but to recognize that our choices have consequences for which we take responsibility.

In case any of you are wondering, the wedding was wonderful. Your Maximum Leader has been to a total of 5 outdoor weddings in his life. Of the five, this is the first during which it did not rain. (Congrats again Lori and Andy.)

Some Items from the news wires…

Text messaging, and by inference, blogging are addictive.

Atoms for Peace and Atoms for War. Just Atoms to the TVA. Actually your Maximum Leader firmly believes that nuclear power plants should have either military or civilian clients. I would like to learn more about this, but I do not approve of dual use plants. (In this case I believe dual use to mean civilian power generation, and weapons grade fissionable material production.) While your Maximum Leader is not, by any stretch, an anti-nuke person (indeed I agree with some elements of the current administration who believe we should start researching the next generation of nuclear weapons). But, I firmly believe that we should not mix civilian and military goals at a single nuclear plant.

Check out the Poet Laureate’s drawings. They are cool.

The Minister of Agriculture and I had a good talk aboaut immigration tonight on the phone. I am too tired now to write it out, but hope that one of the two of us will have a chance to blog it out tomorrow.

That is about it for tonight….

Carry on.

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