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Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has to out of his way to get news about goings-on in Canada in the US news. Call him crazy, but he likes to know what is going on with our great neighbour to the north (and largest trading partner). Your Maximum Leader likes Canada. He’s liked pretty much every Canadian he’s ever met. It is a good place.

But imagine how sad he is to know that the only news he can get (without going out of his way) about Canada is about a fake lake being made for the G-20 conference.

So your Maximum Leader feels he must call out his good friend Skippy and ask “So is this “fakelakegate” really the biggest news in Canada right now?”

And a good follow-up might be… “Really… Nearly a billion dollars to protect the G-20 summit? Couldn’t you just not protect some of the leaders attending and hope for the best? How about you skimp on protecting all the ones from a parliamentary democracy in that the PMs are likely just glorified party leaders and can be easily replaced?”

Carry on.


The lake thing is sort of a middling story that the Liberals are trying to make a huge one without any great success. The real story is the implosion of the Grits, the rumors of their merging with the NDP and the continuing fuckheadery of Warren Kinsella.

If it were up to me, all of those dumb summits would be held in New York. Nothing bad ever happens in New York, and I’d really rather not have large sections of my city shut down for three weeks.

I’m funny that way.

I personally would prefer all those meetings be held in Geneva or somewhere that wasn’t in the US.

Or I’d prefer they be held on some tropical island with lots and lots of hot women in bikinis walking around in the background.

By the way, thank you Skippy for making me aware of who the hell Warren Kinsella even is. Without you I am confident I wouldn’t know who the hell he was - or even half of what I know about the goings-on in Canada.

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