Greetings, loyal minions. Yur Maximum Leader apologizes to you for the generally lackluster quality of his work here since the beginning of the year. There are issues in his personal life that have been taking center stage in his mind. Those issues seem to be coming to a head now. How those issues play out here is hard to gauge. It could mean a complete renaissance in quality writing from your Maximum Leader - who will use the blog for fun & relaxation. Or it will mean that he does a lot more playing of video games.

Carry on.

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Minion Mo said:

Aw, heck. A blog is (or should be) first and foremost for *you*, Max. Leader. And real life should always trump it.
It’s something I’m bad about sometimes, and I don’t even write the pithy stuff that you do, and certainly don’t present it as creatively.
Take all the time you need for yourself, and your family.
Play the video games.
Don’t worry about us minions.
We understand.

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