And We’re Back…

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has spent the past few days with a two year old attached to his person. The Wee Villain appears to be over the worst of it. But he’s been remarkably “clingy” over the past few days. What makes the situation particularly bad is that the Wee Villain wants his momma. But momma is up to here eyeballs in work that must be completed by Friday. So she can’t attend to him like she would want to. And your Maximum Leader is a poor substitute for maternal nurturing.

But on the plus side, your Maximum Leader has been able to watch lots of baseball on TV. He’s even taught the Wee Villain to yell “Go! Go! Go!” at the TV when men are running the bases. So that is a good thing.

Anyho… Your Maximum Leader hopes to pithily opine on a few subjects today and tomorrow. Then tomorrow afternoon/evening he will be leaving the Villainschloss and heading down to the Smallholder’s farm for Easter. We’ll be making Coq au Vin, roasting lamb, and making a quasi-haggis. Good times will be had by all.

And in case you missed it… You should check out the Japanese “Dick Festival” from MasaMania (via the Poet Laureate). By the way… That “Dick Festival” link is probably NSFW.

Carry on.

Brian B said:

Welcome back, my first day back too.

Is there any lunacy like Masamania?

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I see you didn’t bring your knee pads again.

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