A “New-Agey” thought for you.

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader is, as is his want, listening to a podcast of “Speaking of Faith” from American Public Radio. The subject of this particular podcast is “The Heart’s Reason: Hinduism and Science.”

While listening to the podcast a particularly “new-agey” type of thought washed through your Maximum Leader’s brain. Here tis: As we learn more and more about the human genome and the possible genetic predisposition towards certain types of physical conditions or even behaviours; could it be theorized that our genes are actually a “karmic blueprint” for our life? If one accepts some conception of the transmigration of souls or some type of rebirth, could it be that one’s genes are the physical manifestation of some part of one’s karma? This is to say that if, in one life, you were a genetically predisposed to be a cancer afflicted obsessive-compulsive person; that in your next life “karma” might predispose you to be a robust-yet-scatterbrained person?

The strange things that pop into your Maximum Leader’s head sometimes… Of course what is stranger… Having the idea or actually taking time to write a blog post about it?

If you care to discuss, feel free to e-mail your Maximum Leader. Of course if you are a particularly attractive young woman who would like her karmic/genetic predispositions revealed by your Maximum Leader include a photo with your e-mail…

Carry on.

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