A conversation

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader’s friend FLG told him of a humorous exchange between FLG and a co-worker. Your Maximum Leader asked if he could take a page out of FLG’s own blogging handbook and recount the exchange here… FLG gave his blessing… Here tis:

A Conversation

One of FLG’s co-workers, who is of Indian Decent (CoID), walks up to FLG.

CoID: Do you have a dick?

FLG stops what he is doing and turns around.

FLG: Pardon me.

CoID: Do you have a dick?

FLG: Uh, yes…why?

CoID: How big is it?

FLG: Massive.

CoID: Really? Mine’s rather tiny. How do you clean it?

FLG: With soap.

CoID: Any particular kind?

FLG: Stop for a second. What are you getting at?

CoID: My dick is warped and dirty and I’m trying to fix it.

FLG: Warped? And dirty? I’m afraid of the answer, but please explain.

CoID: It’s warped where the Sun hits it and dirty in the corners.

FLG: Where the Sun hits it?

CoID: Yes. The house blocks some of the sunlight, but where it doesn’t the boards are warped.

FLG: Oh….the boards on your deck!

Okay… Your Maximum Leader doesn’t care who you are… That there will make you smile…

Carry on.

Mrs. Peperium said:

Sorry Maxy. Only a racist would smile at that. Or a man. Or a sex pervert.

(Do you see what feminism, liberalism, and political correctness has done to humor? Hey, based on Jimmeh Carter’s extremely bigoted re-entry on to the political stage, it’s time for a list of the 10 Worst Ex- Presidents. And 10 Worst Ex-First Ladies too. My Mom used to always laugh at Rosalyn Carter. She said Jimmeh married her for her boobs…)

Or perhaps only a male-racist-sex pervert would like the story.

Was Rosalyn stacked? I don’t remember ever looking at her “that way.”

Mrs. Peperium said:

Stacked? Well by today’s implanted realities, probably not. But she has to make the 10 Best Stacked First Ladies list.

Michelle and Hillary are stacked below the waist…Laura Bush is shapely but Top 10-er is questionable. Barbara breastfed too much (that decreases a girl) Mamie wasn’t bad. Jackie O -too much of a anorexic - but Ladybird should be considered especially given what LBJ used to say…who else? Eleanor Roosevelt? hahahaahaa- nevermind. Pat Nixon and B. Ford were run of the mill, weren’t they? A guy really knows this better than a girl anyway…

I’d have to really get to thinking about a list of the best looking First Ladies. I think Laura Bush is attractive. The age-regressed portraits of Martha Washington show a very attractive woman. Downright foxy actually.

I suppose you’d have to determine if you rated the First Ladies at the time they were in the White House or when they were young…

Mrs. Peperium said:

Best looking sounds as if big chests are not factored in so go with 10 Most Foxy First Ladies…

Here are their White House portraits. Guess what? Laura Bush beats Rosalyn Carter as well as almost every other Dem First Lady - hands down!

I guess the only thing male Democrats like to be big is government…

Well, that’s not true because both Bill Clinton and Obama married exceptionally big a****, didn’t they?

Being stacked is only one criteria of being foxy. I like to err on the side of “more stacked” personally. I also like a rounded posterior portion, but not overly huge. Every man is different and these things are highly subjective.

Charles said:

I guess I’m a super male-racist-sexual deviant, because I just spit orange juice all over my monitor.

Now I’ve got to go get something to clean this mess up.

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