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Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader shouts “rabbit” in your general direction, since it is the first of the month. He also doesn’t think he’s shaken off the tropical stupor that has come over his brain and hands since his Key West sojourn last week. Sad…

There has been much he’s wanted to blog about, but hasn’t found the motivation to do so. In addition to lacking motivation, your Maximum Leader finds that he can’t fully complete the thoughts that he wants to articulate here. This is a serious problem showing a lack of mental acuity that is disturbing.

Some of the ideas ruminating in your Maximum Leader’s brain are being written about by others, although not exactly as he would but the question. On the issue of Tea Parties, Health Care, and other items one can file under “causing political discontent,” Daniel Henninger wrote a good piece at the Wall Street Journal today. The crux of the Henninger piece with which your Maximum Leader wholly agrees is this:

My reading of the American public is that they have moved past “concerns.” Somewhere inside the programmatic details of ObamaCare and the methods that the president, Speaker Pelosi and Sen. Reid used to pass it, something went terribly wrong. Just as something has gone terribly wrong inside the governments of states like California, New York, New Jersey, Michigan and Massachusetts.

The 10th Amendment tumult does not mean anyone is going to secede. It doesn’t mean “nullification” is coming back. We are not going to refight the Civil War or the Voting Rights Act. Richard Russell isn’t rising from his Georgia grave.

It means that the current edition of the Democratic Party has disconnected itself from the average American’s sense of political modesty. The party’s members and theorists now defend expanding government authority with the same arrogance that brought Progressive Era reforms down upon untethered industrial interests.

In such times, this country has an honored tradition of changing direction. That time may be arriving.

Your Maximum Leader is particularly fond of that turn of phrase “sense of political modesty.” Your Maximum Leader has come to expect a certain degree of arrogance from the President, Senate Majority Leader and Speaker of the House. But it is the shamelessness with which they acted that offends your Maximum Leader so much. Your Maximum Leader believes that a wave will sweep many Democrats from office this fall. Your Maximum Leader thinks a take-over by the GOP of either chamber of the Congress is sort of unlikely; but not as unlikely as it was a few months ago. The wave could help the GOP in redistricting battles this year and set them up for wins in 2012…

Your Maximum Leader has also wanted to point out a new campaign being headed up by the Institute for Justice. Their campaign is to fight against civil forfeiture abuse across the US. Essentially the problem is that police and prosecutors seize and resell property of citizens who may (or may not) be accused of a crime. You can read the Institute for Justice’s “Policing for Profit” paper by clicking here. If you are so inclinded, you should give to the IJ (as your Maximum Leader does). If you have a blog, you might spread the word about the cause.

Carry on.

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