Mussolini for Mayor

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader sees on the news wires that Alessandra Mussolini is going to be running for Mayor of Rome (or if you are an NBC affiliate you would have to say Roma) next month. It seems as though her Social Alternative Party failed to meet the threshold needed to get a seat in parliament. (Which must be over the 1.2% of the vote they received. Your Maximum Leader will have to do some digging, because he thought the threshold was 1%.)

While it is doubtful that Mussolini will be elected Mayor of Roma (Roma), your Maximum Leader will be pulling for her.

Carry on.

Random iPod Thoughts

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader will share with you some random thoughts that popped into his head while listening to his iPod.

1) It is embarassing to admit, but your Maximum Leader likes the Mick Jagger/David Bowie version of “Dancing in the Steets” at least as much as Martha Reeves & the Vandellas version. Furthermore, he finds the Jagger/Bowie version better than most others that he’s heard. In fact, your Maximum Leader (if pushed for a definative answer on the issue) likes the Jagger/Bowie version a little better than any other version.

2) While listening to a general mix of songs, your Maximum Leader heard Led Zeppelin’s “Ramble On.” This caused him to wonder. When “Ramble On” is downloaded (and paid for), or purchased on a CD, or played on the radio the band (or their estates) get royalties. In turn, do the remaining members of Led Zeppelin (or their estates) pay a royalty to the Tolkien Estate? Just wondering…

3) Podcasts are wonderful. Especially video podcasts.

Carry on.

Ted & The Cutting Edge

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader wonders sometimes how Ted finds some of the stuff he does.

Case in point: teledildonics.

(Or if you like you can read the article that prompted Ted’s comments here.)

Humm… Sex toys one attaches to oneself but that are controlled by someone else over the internet… One supposes that a dial-up connection could cause serious physical harm…

Carry on.

Viva Italia!

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader hopes you’ve been following the saga of the Italian elections. Because if you are anything like your Maximum Leader (and he knows you’re not), you are just captivated by them.

You know your Maximum Leader loves politics. But sometimes American politics gets him angry. So angry he is glad that his physician isn’t around - as your Maximum Leader would be sure that he would immediately prescribe some blood pressure medicine. American politics also fills your Maximum Leader with deep melancholy at times. Melancholy spawned by a sense that we deserve better than we’re getting. (And that is a bipartisan comment by the way.)

But Italian politics - well, that revs your Maximum Leader’s engine. He can watch Italian politics (through the lens of English language paers and web sites) and just enjoy it. Your Maximum Leader thinks that this feeling must be somewhat close to the feeling that Skippy gets from watching American politics… Or not…


Surely you’ve all been watching the Italian elections unfold. It appears as though Romano Prodi and his center-left coalition has won a slim majority in both the Italian Parliament and the Italian Senate.***

Of course, the qualifier ‘appears’ is prominent. Silvo Berlusconi??s center-right coalition is claiming election fraud. It seems as though there is vote tampering, vote undercounting, and a question as to which ballots are ’spoiled’ according to a number of sources. (Accusations that are oddly familiar to your Maximum Leader… He just can’t seem to remember where he’s heard that line before… Oh yeah… Here in the US…)

So it looks like the Italian Elections will be determined by the Italian Courts. Especially since Outgoing Italian President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi refuses to name a winner. Ciampi claims that the honor of selecting the next Prime Minister should be left to the courts and the next Italian President. (Your Maximum Leader will now begin the round of cat-calls and chants claiming that Ciampi is a wuss…)

Your Maximum Leader feels pretty confident that Romano Prodi’s coalition will be named the winners and called to form a government. But it might take a few more weeks. And during those few more weeks it will give Prodi’s coalition more time to unravel.

From various news accounts, it appears as though Mr. Prodi plans on making the Italian economy the first order of business when he gets down to work. Alas, the Italian Communists seem to have different ideas on this matter.

Your Maximum Leader has always thought that managing parliamentary coalitions must be one of the hardest jobs in the whole breadth of political life. He can only imagine how hard it would be in Italy. Can you imagine trying to get Social Democrats, Greens, and Communists to agree on labor laws? Heh. The very prospect of a civil discussion on the subject makes your Maximum Leader laugh. He imagines a conference room with lots of yelling, name-calling, and some chin scratching. The phrase “herding cats” comes to mind…

Your Maximum Leader is not personally invested in either side of this election, although he own national self-interest made him hold out hope for a Berlusconi victory, so he can’t say he’s rooting for anyone in particular…

Well that isn’t true. He is rooting for Alessandra Mussolini (currently a Member of the European Parliament) in all Italian elections. She has the proper pedigree for your Maximum Leader. She’s sexy. And she’s ideologically pure. She did leave the National Front party (quasi-fascists) because they weren’t quite fascist enough. Now she runs the Social Alternative party.

Your Maximum Leader should start his own political party. If he did perhaps he could get it listed in the Yahoo Political party directory…

Carry on.

Movie Scents

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader sees that the Japanese continue to be on the cutting edge of technology. They are now introducing “scented” films in a few cinemas around Tokyo. These movie palaces will spray up to six different scents into the air during differnent scenes in films to simulate the smell of the environment in which the scene is taking place. The first film to be shown in this format will be (the big flop) “The New World” with Colin Farrell. During the film the smell of forests (pine forests one suspects - since that scent seems so popular in the world of disinfectants) will be sprayed into the air during many outdoor scenes on screen.

The second film to be shown in this new format will be “Creatures of Red Hot Passion in the Den of Sin” with Jenna Jameson. During that film the smell of…

Carry on.

Moussaoui & the Death Penalty

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has been thinking about the Zacarias Moussaoui case and the job facing the jury. The jury is going to be determining if Moussaoui gets life in prison or the death penalty.

Good minions will know that your Maximum Leader continues to support the death penalty. And frankly he would apply the death penalty rather more generously than it has been doled out by our justice system. And since your Maximum Leader is being frank… He’d prefer to see more executions by firing squad. Not only is it cheaper than other forms of execution, but it could be used to bolster a civilian marksmanship program. (But that is another post…)

So it will seem rather surprising when your Maximum Leader states that he doesn’t believe Zacarias Moussaoui should get the death penalty. Your Maximum Leader’s reason boils down to Moussaoui, although a conspirator, didn’t actually commit the mass murders of Sept. 11. There is, in your Maximum Leader’s mind, something missing in this story. Since Moussaoui just plead guilty your Maximum Leader isn’t sure that the whole story is out there.

Of course, Moussaoui also wants to become a martyr. Your Maximum Leader would like to deny him that. He would rather like to see Moussaoui condemned to be some large convict’s bitch for the rest of his natural (or unnatural as the case may be) days. The idea of Zacarias Moussaoui being buggered day and night for many years is somehow satisfying. Your Maximum Leader would also like to put him on a pork-only diet, but the Bureau of Prisons is unlikely to go that far.

No, Moussaoui shouldn’t be executed if he can be made to suffer.

Carry on.

And We’re Back…

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has spent the past few days with a two year old attached to his person. The Wee Villain appears to be over the worst of it. But he’s been remarkably “clingy” over the past few days. What makes the situation particularly bad is that the Wee Villain wants his momma. But momma is up to here eyeballs in work that must be completed by Friday. So she can’t attend to him like she would want to. And your Maximum Leader is a poor substitute for maternal nurturing.

But on the plus side, your Maximum Leader has been able to watch lots of baseball on TV. He’s even taught the Wee Villain to yell “Go! Go! Go!” at the TV when men are running the bases. So that is a good thing.

Anyho… Your Maximum Leader hopes to pithily opine on a few subjects today and tomorrow. Then tomorrow afternoon/evening he will be leaving the Villainschloss and heading down to the Smallholder’s farm for Easter. We’ll be making Coq au Vin, roasting lamb, and making a quasi-haggis. Good times will be had by all.

And in case you missed it… You should check out the Japanese “Dick Festival” from MasaMania (via the Poet Laureate). By the way… That “Dick Festival” link is probably NSFW.

Carry on.

Baseball Season

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader had hoped to play hookie from his responsibilities today and sneak out to catch the Nationals home opener against the Mets. But it was not to be. The Wee Villain is still home today and has some Doctors appointments. As well, Villainette #1 is home from school with some viral thingie. So your Maximum Leader is home attending to his offspring.

Perhaps he’ll get lucky and be able to catch tomorrows game. Tomorrows game should be the more interesting one as Pedro Martinez is slated to start for the Mets. In last weeks series he beamed a Vidro and Guillen and is due for some retribution as best your Maximum Leader can figure it. That would be sweet to see…


Your Maximum Leader isn’t a big Pedro fan anyho… He is a great pitcher and all… But your Maximum Leader doesn’t care much for him. That tune might change if he ever played for the Nationals. Then your Maximum Leader would tolerate him. As Jerry Seinfeld once mentioned, you’re only rooting for the shirts.

Carry on.

Loathing, Leaking, and Loafing

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader will start this post by thanking the many of you who have expressed concern for him after his last post.

To fill you all in a little bit… Your Maximum Leader’s life was even less fun after his post. His work situation isn’t ideal and he is looking. His best friend’s dad has had heart surgery. Two toilets in the Villainschloss are not functioning properly. And your Maximum Leader and Mrs Villain spent all day yesterday in the hospital with the Wee Villain. He was diagnosed with a double ear infection last week. Somehow that condition has transmogrified into dehydration (although he was eating and drinking). So the Wee Villain was poked, prodded, and IV’ed for about 8 hours yesterday. He is doing much better at home today, but will likely see his pediatrician every day this week until his condition abates. Please keep the Wee Villain, and the BigHominid’s dad in your prayers.

In what might be the only update of this site today… Here are other stories….

Your Maximum Leader is sorry that he missed the DC area bloggers gathering on Saturday night. He hopes everyone understands and will invite him next time.

You should check out the latest from the Hatemongers. This is Third Annual Week of Loathing. The object of this week’s loathing is Sarah Vowell. She is on your Maximum Leader’s “list.” While he will not go so far as to say that she’d be “up against the wall” in the Mike World Order, she might be chained in a dungeon and forced to listen to Rush Limbaugh constantly. (Which frankly would be torture for just about anyone…)

It is sort of funny that the Hatemongers should pick the Christian observance of Holy Week to be their Week of Loathing. It is almost like we can loath this week while trying to repent our sins at the same time. Get all that bad juju out of our systems and then be resurrected on Sunday with a new clean (yet still appropriately misanthropic) world view.

Your Maximum Leader would like to comment a little bit on the Bush as Leaker-in-Chief post directly below this entry. The good Minister of Propaganda would, your Maximum Leader is sure, acknowledge that some of those quotations are taken a bit out of context. The President spoke those words in the context of who disclosed Valerie Plame’s name; not the leaking of information contained in the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE). So we are talking about two different things here. The first issue is who leaked Plame’s name. On that count it appears as though Scooter Libby is still on the hook for that - although it might not be a crime (since no one has been indicted for it). The second, related, item concerns the NIE. Not a single commentator or pundit has challenged that the President can declassify documents at his discretion. Indeed it seems as though every President in the modern era has done so. And when they have it has almost always been to do exactly what Bush has one - namely to address critics and defend policy.

Now where your Maximum Leader will admit to there being problems are these: 1)The Administration is still under investigation. Give a Special Prosecutor unlimited time and money (which they have) and they will get someone convicted of something. 2) The Administration’s claim to be a good steward of intelligence information and against leaking - in general - is greatly diminished. 3) The Wilson/Plame claims of being attacked by the Administration (or should one say counter-attacked) are obviously true.

Problems two and three are mostly image problems. In time they will wane and people will become disinterested. Problem one is the real tricky one - and the one that can’t be ignored. So long as Patrick Fitzgerald is out there investigating anything goes. One wonders if the President has the statutory authority to fire the Special Prosecutor (or if he can order the Attorney General to do so). If your Maximum Leader recalls all his Watergate history the President can order the AG to fire special prosecutors. Your Maximum Leader wonders if he shouldn’t just do so and take the hit. His poll numbers don’t have anywhere else to go. His stature with the rest of political Washington doesn’t seem to be that great too. If the Democrats take control of the House or Senate in the fall then he will be investigated (regardless of what happens to Fitzgerald). What is the real downside? You say that Fitzgerald has had the time and resources required to find out if a crime was committed in the case of leaking Plame’s name to the press. No charges have been filed in that count and the office should be closed. The country has years of experience with Special Prosecutors who have run amok in their investigations. In fact your Maximum Leader would argue that every Special Prosecutor has run amok in their investigations. Perhaps it is better end it now.


Your Maximum Leader will go now. He hopes to post something more later. But don’t wait for it.

Carry on.


“There’s just too many leaks, and if there is a leak out of my administration, I want to know who it is.” [Bush, 9/30/03]

“I want to know the truth. … I have no idea whether we’ll find out who the leaker is, partially because, in all due respect to your profession, you do a very good job of protecting the leakers.” [Fox News, 10/8/03]

“I’d like to know if somebody in my White House did leak sensitive information.” [Bush, 10/28/03]

President Bush authorized the selective leaking of classified information to undercut Iraq War critics and bolster his own position. No one in the White House will deny this.

So how will the blogger right respond: Silence or Spin?



Greetings, loyal minions. Yur Maximum Leader apologizes to you for the generally lackluster quality of his work here since the beginning of the year. There are issues in his personal life that have been taking center stage in his mind. Those issues seem to be coming to a head now. How those issues play out here is hard to gauge. It could mean a complete renaissance in quality writing from your Maximum Leader - who will use the blog for fun & relaxation. Or it will mean that he does a lot more playing of video games.

Carry on.

Historical Loons

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader hasn’t taken a quiz in a while. So, thanks to the Llamabutchers here is an new one.

I'm Nicola Tesla! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt!
Which Historical Lunatic Are You?
From the fecund loins of Rum and Monkey.

Here is the extended entry on Tesla:

A minister’s son from Simljan in Austria-Hungary, you were precocious from an early age. At three you could multiply three-digit numbers in your head and calculate how many seconds visitors to your home had lived. In awe of your older brother Dane, you shot a pea-shooter at his horse, causing it to throw him and inflict injuries from which he later died. This tragedy haunted you ever after. You frequently suffered bouts of illness with hallucinations throughout your life. During one affliction of cholera, you encountered the writing of Mark Twain, with whom you were later to be close friends. Later, another, this time mystery, illness inexplicably heightened your senses to a painful extent, only relenting when you hit upon the idea of the alternating current motor.

You developed an aversion to human contact, particularly involving hair, and a fear of pearls; when one would-be lover kissed you, you ran away in agony. Later, you insisted that any repeated actions in your day-to-day life had to be divisible by three, or, better yet, twenty-seven. You would, for example, continue walking until you had executed the required number of footsteps. You refused to eat anything until you had calculated its exact volume. Saltine crackers were a favourite for their uniformity in this respect. In the midst of important work, you forgot trivial details such as eating, sleeping or, on one memorable occasion, who you were.

Your inventions, always eccentric, began on a suitably bizarre note. The first was a frog-catching device that was so successful, and hence so emulated by your fellow children, that local frogs were almost eradicated. You also created a turbine powered by gluing sixteen May bugs to a tiny windmill. The insects panicked and flapped their wings furiously, powering the contraption for hours on end. This worked admirably until a small child came along and ate all the creatures alive, after which you never again touched another insect.

Prompted by dreams of attaining the then-ridiculed goal of achieving an alternating-current motor, you went to America in the hope of teaming up with Thomas Edison. Edison snubbed you, but promised fifty thousand dollars if you could improve his own direct-current motor by 20% efficiency. You succeeded. Edison did not pay up. It was not long until you created an AC motor by yourself.

Now successful, you set up a small laboratory, with a few assistants and almost no written records whatsoever. Despite it being destroyed by fire, you invented the Tesla Coil, impressing even the least astute observer with man-made lightning and lights lit seemingly by magic. Moving to Colorado Springs, you created a machine capable of sending ten million volts into the Earth’s surface, which even while being started up caused lightning to shoot from fire hydrants and sparks to singe feet through shoes all over the town. When calibrated to be in tune with the planet’s resonance, it created what is still the largest man-made electrical surge ever, an arc over 130 feet long. Unfortunately, it set the local power plant aflame.

You returned to New York, incidentally toying with the nascent idea of something eerily like today’s internet. Although the wealthiest man in America withdrew funding for a larger, more powerful resonator in short order, it did not stp you announcing the ability to split the world in two. You grew ever more diverse in your inventions: remote-controlled boats and submarines, bladeless turbines, and, finally, a death ray.

While whether the ray ever existed is still doubtful, it is said that you notified the Peary polar expedition to report anything strange in the tundra, and turned on the ray. First, nothing happened; then it disintegrated an owl; finally, reports reached you of the mysterious Tunguska explosion, upon which news you dismantled the apparatus immediately. An offer during WWII to recreate it was, thankfully, never acted upon by then-President Wilson. Turning to other matters, you investigated the forerunner of radar, to widespread derision.

Your inventions grew stranger. One oscillator caused earthquakes in Manhattan. You adapted this for medical purposes, claiming various health benefits for your devices. You found they let you work for days without sleep; Mark Twain enjoyed the experience until the sudden onset of diarrhoea. You claimed to receive signals in quasi-Morse Code from Mars, explored the initial stages of quantum physics; proposed a “wall of light”, using carefully-calibrated electromagnetic radiation, that would allegedly enable teleportation, anti-gravity airships and time travel; and proposed a basic design for a machine for photographing thoughts. You died aged 87 in New York, sharing an apartment with the flock of pigeons who were by then your only friends.

Ridiculed throughout your life (Superman fought the evil Dr. Tesla in 1940s comics), you were posthumously declared the father of the fluorescent bulb, the vacuum tube amplifier and the X-ray machine, and the Supreme Court named you as the legal inventor of the radio in place of Marconi. Wardenclyffe, the tower once housing your death ray, was dynamited several times to stop it falling into the hands of spies. It was strangely hard to topple, and even then could not be broken up.

Beauty, eh?

Carry on.


Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has to tell you all that he is still feeling bleh. This condition is made worse by the fact that he’s discovered that his internet connection at the Villainschloss is on the fritz. Not sure of the cause of the problem, but he will work to diagnose it. Writing now on a borrowed connection…

The good Minister of Propaganda has been (in the comment section of previous posts) been goading your Maximum Leader about Mr. Tom DeLay’s decision to not seek re-election in his Texas district. So, while he can still post here, your Maximum Leader has decided to give some of his thoughts on the matter.

Frankly, your Maximum Leader is disappointed in Tom DeLay. If readers recall your Maximum Leader advised DeLay to fight to keep his leadership role for as long as possible. Your Maximum Leader isn’t sure that DeLay fought quite long enough, but it appears as though there was a little bit of a respite in the “mindless canibalism” of political attacks in Congress once DeLay did step down. Certainly the Dems aren’t belabouring the specific ethics of individual members any more in favour of a general “Republicans are sleazy” theme.

As for DeLay deciding not to seek re-election, well that disappoints your Maximum Leader too. DeLay always struck your Maximum Leader as more of a fighter. This move certainly gives DeLay’s (now the Republican nominee’s) Democratic opponents another arrow in the quiver of “Republicans are sleazy” attacks.

Your Maximum Leader continues to believe that DeLay will eventually be exhonorated of the charges against him. But he will not return to elected politics again. He’s given up the fight.

And if he’s given up the fight, he’s no good to Republicans any more.

Carry on.

Hobbes Just Loved His Dram

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader, in checking his calendar, discovered he does have something for today. He will be celebrating today in fact. Celebrating the anniversary of the birth of his favourite philosopher, Thomas Hobbes. Hobbes was born this day in 1588.

To mark this day, your Maximum Leader will repost a Hobbes post he did years ago…

Thomas Hobbes was born in April 1588. His premature birth to a Vicar’s wife in Westport (near Malmesbury), Gloucestershire, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I coincided with the threat of the Spanish Armada. Hobbes was later to comment that his mother gave birth to twins “myself and fear” that year.

Thomas’ father died when Thomas was young, and the young Hobbes was sent to live with a nearby uncle. Eventually, Hobbes left his uncle and secured an education at Oxford. He became a mathematics tutor to the powerful Cavendish family (who were the Earl’s of Devonshire), and eventually a tutor to Charles Stuart (later King Charles II of Great Britain).

Hobbes’ first published work was a translation of Thucydides “History of the Peloponnesian War.” He also published a number of mathematical treatises. But, for the sake of this blog, your Maximum Leader will focus on Hobbes’ political treatise, “Leviathan.” Hobbes published a number of political tracts, but they are all variations on the same set of political beliefs. Of these “Leviathan” is both best known, and most comprehensive.

In “Leviathan,” Hobbes creates a logical model of human nature, the nature of consent to government, and the authority of government. His opening chapters set out in detail the physiological elements of human action. While they are dated by our thinking today, they still accurately depict the modus operandi of human activity. It is when Hobbes begins to discuss human motivation that he begins in earnest his philosophical discourse.

To Hobbes, man is motivated by “appetites” and “aversions.” We act to acquire things we desire, and seek to avoid thing we do not desire or will cause us harm. Human appetites are constant, insatiable, and vary in degree from man to man. Man, therefore, has the power to act of his own accord to satisfy his appetites and avoid his aversions. Man acts to bring the greatest possible good to himself, using the means and methods at his disposal. In order to bring the greatest possible good to himself, man must acquire power over others.

To Hobbes there are two types of power, original (also called natural) power, and instrumental (also called acquired) power. Original power is that power that comes from the man himself. His physical strength is the clearest examples of a man’s original, or natural, power. But also considered an original power is man’s intellect and brain-power (if you will). Instrumental powers are those that flow from their acquisition. They include money, fame, reputation, and everyone’s favourite, God’s favour (or good luck as we might call it).

Having established the nature of man, and defined man’s power, Hobbes starts to get really interesting. He asserts that the exercise or acquisition of power by one man naturally hinders or limits the exercise or acquisition of power by anothe man. Given that man’s appetites are insatiable; this puts man in an uncomfortable position of always being at odds with other men.

Hobbes then begins to postulate on the nature of the state. First he envisions the state of nature. That is the condition where there is no state or governmental structure that will confine the passions of individual men. That state is the condition of war by all against all. Or to use the famous quotation:

In such condition there is no place for Industry; because the fruit thereof is uncertain: and consequently no Culture of the Earth; no Navigation, nor use of commodities that may be imported by Sea; no commodious Building; no instruments of moving, and removing such things as require much force; no Knowledge of the face of the Earth; no account of Time; no Arts; no Letters; no Society; and which is worst of all, the continuall feare, and danger of violent death; And the life of man, solitary, poore, nasty, brutish, and short.

Of course, no man wants this kind of life. Man has an appetite for life, and the acquisition of power. Man is also a rational creature and will seek to avoid violent death. This rational aversion to death, is essentially man’s natural right. By limiting the extent to which a man will use his power over other men, he will, himself, enter a state of peace with other men. This is the essence of Hobbes’ social contract. All men, seeing the benefits of peace with other men, will voluntarily, or tacitly as the case may be, limit his own freedom to do whatever he will to whomever he will.

Of course, when one enters into a contract (by agreement, assent, or in the case of man in society - by birth) one is obliged or bound to agree to the terms of the contract. Once a man ceases to be obliged or bound, the fabric of the contract begins to erode, and the state of nature will arise.

Hobbes, at this point, constructs a model of a sovereign state. While he may have seemed to profess a preference for monarchy, closer reading of “Leviathan” shows that a parliamentary system would also be perfectly acceptable. For Hobbes the institutions of the sovereign state are not quite as important as the role of the sovereign state. The first job of the state is to protect the property of its citizens. As every man has a significant interest in the property of his own body, the protection of the lives of men is the most important role of a state. After protection of the body, protection of a man’s riches (possessions) and his means of living are the chief functions of the state. And a state that preserves a man’s life and property is, ultimately, a just state.

Within the context of the state, men have different obligations, based on their different appetites and abilities. Generally, those with more are bound to support the state more. Hobbes describes, for example, a tax code by which those with more pay more, based on how much he consumes in society. (Taxes, for Hobbes, are the price you pay for your very life.) Hobbes also establishes a system of justice based on contracts and rule of law.

Hobbes spends considerable energy in “Leviathan” discussing Scripture. Many facile and superficial readers of “Leviathan” assume that he is doing this to reinforce the authority of the state. Ergo: God orders you to obey legitimate civil authority, therefore one must always obey the dictates of the state. But this is not Hobbes’ goal. He uses Scripture, in many cases, to support his revolutionary idea of a state that gets is legitimate authority to rule, not from God, but from the consent of the governed. A common misinterpretation of Hobbes’ work is that he was justifying the Divine Right of Kings to rule. He was not. He wouldn’t have gone through such an elaborate explanation of the nature of man and the causes of a state to then fall back on Romans 13.

Hobbes’ great work, “Leviathan” details much more about the nature of the state, just rule, and the nature of man. But alas, this medium (the blog) doesn’t always lend itself to a lengthy exposition on a single topic. Yur Maximum Leader wanted to take a moment and expound a little on this great man, who very much influenced his political thought.

If my minions would like to know more about Hobbes, and how his thought is still very much applicable to our times, let me know. Your Maximum Leader will expound further.

Carry on.


Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has nothing.

Absolutely nothing. If you were to give him a call today and ask his opinion on anything he’d probably give you an “Eh?” and wander away. He just doesn’t feel motivated to write anything.

Of curse, that hasn’t stopped him before from publishing complete crap on this blog…

He does hope that many of you have enjoyed the full 48 hrs of the Big Hominid’s “Britney” bit. It is damned funny. I get a chuckle out of it every time I see it.


Nothing to see here… Move along…

Carry on.

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