2 down 1 to go

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader hasn’t had lots of free time. School is getting geared up for the Villainettes and the Wee Villain. Lots of school open houses to attend and things to buy and prepare.

Then again there is also the whole Nationals/Dodgers series. The Nats have taken two of three so far. This highly unanticipated win streak makes your Maximum Leader very happy…

One more Nats/Dodgers game tonight… It is doubtful that he will watch any of the Obama speech. He watched about 3 minutes of Bill Clinton’s speech last night (during a commercial break) and he saw highlights this morning. It looks like Bill did what he needed to do and give his seal of approval to Barack Obama. He appeared to be in good form (as was Hillary apparently the night before).

It is strange that this convention has, up to now, appeared to be the Clinton convention and not the Obama convention. One imagines that this will change tonight…

Go Nats.

Carry on.

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